Search engine marketing is the practice of marketing a business using paid advertisements that appear on search engine results pages. We would bid on keywords on your behalf that Google users might enter when looking for certain products or services, which gives us the opportunity for your ads to appear alongside results for those search queries. This marketing channel is perfect for Business to Business (B2B) and niche product/services.

Cost Effective
– Since it’s Pay Per Click (PPC) you’re only charged whenever an action has taken place
Geo Targeting – Target people who are near your business or your ideal location for customers
Control – Have various control over when and where your ad shows whether it be location, time, and position
Measurable – Success and failures of campaigns can be heavily reviewed through various available metrics
Free Promotion – Since it’s based on a Pay Per Click model, audiences who don’t click will still get to see your brand present during their search

– Ad Management
– Keyword Research
– Monthly Keyword Optimization
– Adwords Ad Credits
– Google Business Page Management

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